Zeitgeist->Reviews- London,England Now here's a guy who has been playing electrified Chicago Blues rock for nigh on 60 years now, yet has never given up as he cranks up his guitar in club after club. Back in the day, and way before they came famous, he was playing nightclubs with the likes of Peter Cetera (pre Chicago) and Paul Cotton (pre Poco), and even started a band with a young guitarist called Berry Oakley. He persuaded Berry to switch to bass. Berry did so, and headed off to join the Allman Brothers Band! Ronnie now runs a studio in Chicago and has performed, produced and written this eleven track CD. The non-existent sleeve notes don't help, but it certainly seems that apart from some percussion on 'If This Is Me' and guitar on 'Drastically', it really is a solo album. And there's some good stuff here, especially when he sticks to the tried and tested Chicago Blues template. When he strays into Climax Blues Band territory on the title track, it all goes horribly wrong, but then he cranks right back into 'No Lies' and the wailing Blues rock gets you right back on track again. Some of the drumming is a bit pedestrian but the guitar work is uniformly excellent, and with over half the tracks well worthy of repeat plays, this veteran of the Chicago club scene can hold his head up high.


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