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RONNIE LAAS has been part of the Chicago music scene for years. He played with, or hungout with, all the best players around town and  was a guitar legend since he was a kid. He tracked me down through the  internet and sent me LOWDOWN, the first album produced in his studio.I was knocked out---strong, spirited,  gutsy and with a healthy dose of urban wit. It's great to hear the kind of sounds you were weened on come to life in a new way. He prevails a gifted guitarist, singer and song writer--an all star city boy. Bill Sosin ” - Bill Sosin
Ronnie Laas Chicago Style Chicago bluesman Ronnie Laas knows how to deliver upbeat rockers on his album Chicago Style, as he effortlessly swaggers his way through knockout after knockout. Yet he proves he’s perfectly capable of mixing it up, as well, as the tender album closer shows. The spectacular production lets every note ring out with absolute clarity, and Laas’s performance (on every single instrument, no less) is nothing short of extraordinary. For those who like their blues charged up and rocking, Ronnie Laas’s energetic Chicago Style more than does the trick. Track 1: “Born in Chicago” is an up-tempo blues rocker that delivers awesome guitar riffs and swinging hooks. Track 2: “Voodoo Walk” is an enormously appealing song, thanks to a catchy chorus and a towering guitar solo. Track 8: “When Nobody’s Watching” is a stunning powerhouse of a song, where Laas uses walls of overdriven guitars against wailing vocals. Track 11: “Wonder Boy” is definitely one of the highlights of the album, with a ZZ Top-esque sound enhanced by a monster Stratocaster-produced guitar riff. Track 12: “Savana” is an acoustic, melodic tune with a big, hooky chorus. It allows Laas to nicely present another dimension to his sound. Reviewed by Eric Mack at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion.   Musically yours,   Eric Mack, Promotion ConsultantBryan Farrish Radio Promotion1828 Broadway, Ste. CSanta Monica, CA 90404P: 310-998-8305, Ext. 46F: 310-998-8323” - Eric Mack

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